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About Us

5 Cent Marketing Leads is a division of Financial Scenarios LLC. (

Financial Scenarios has been successfully providing Sales and Marketing Tools to Life Insurance, Annuity, and Long Term Care Insurance FMO's, IMO's, as well as to individual Brokers and Agents since 2005.

The insurance industry provides great products across the board, that benefit consumers every day. Unfortunately many consumers are still under insured and under served due to the difficulty of individual agents and or Financial Advisors being able to easily contact the key decision makers in their specific marketplace. 

Targeted 5 Cent Marketing Leads are not the Silver Bullet that will allow you to instantly hit your targets but they will allow you to start planting the seeds to build relationships with the right prospects that will help get you where you want to go. In some cases it will only take one phone call or email to get a case opened that will both put money in your pocket and make for a happy client at the same time. 

5 Cent Marketing Leads goal is to quickly and inexpensively provide you with Financially Qualified Targeted Leads that include numbers to call, addresses, both physical as well as email, for your use with the goal of allowing you to charge ahead building your sales funnel at full speed without distractions.