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This is how Buying Life insurance leads from online lead sites that sells their leads to multiple agents, usually turns out! 

If you wonder why you only sell 1 or maybe 2 out of 10 leads, it's probably because  your Prospects probably end up feeling a lot like the Water Buffalo, after all of the Agents get done with calling, leaving multiple messages, emailing, and in some instances actually harassing the prospects, the prospects usually can't wait to stumble away and will never fill out a form online again!

The obvious answer to part of this dilemma is to, reduce the number of Agents in the mix!

The easiest way to do that is to not sit around and wait for a prospect to fill out a form, 

we let the Agent fill out the forms for their prospects, who are:

 Their Own Targeted Sales Leads.

Just about everyone can use more Life Insurance! Why do we feel that we need to wait around for them, to fill out a form requesting a quote?