5 Cent Marketing Leads

Activity Based Marketing Starts with Targeted Prospects  Call: 1-855-LESS-IRS

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It's a Numbers Game!

The Process:

Step 1: Place the order for the number of Targeted leads you want to purchase.

Step 2: Call 1-855-537-7477 to order your personal customized list based on , geography, size of business, number of employees,etc.

Step 3: Install one of the free CRM Systems Provided along with the Leads or use your current CRM System

Step 4: Import the leads into the CRM System

Step 5: Set up a schedule to Call and Introduce yourself and your business to the Targeted Leads and or Email the Leads with content pertaining to your business offering (plan to work them in batches of 25 to 50 at a time).

Note: How many sales do you have to make to get your $199 back?

We build a list of Targeted Qualified Leads specifically for you to go after in your area or areas of expertise. 

4,000 Targeted Leads $199.00

The 5 Cent Lead System:

The 5 Cent Lead system includes the quantity of leads purchased plus an additional 10% to offset any leads that may have some incorrect or bad data through no fault of  5 Cent Leads.

The 5 Cent Lead system also includes a link to a Free CRM Sytem that can be used to manage the leads that you purchased. 5 Cent Leads does not support nor profit from the CRM system and it is provided as an accommodation to our customers to enhance their productivity. The CRM system runs on both Windows or Macintosh PC's.

Do Not Call:

Businesses are not generally subject to Do Not Call Rules but some of these small businesses are run out of private residences and those telephone numbers can be on the Do Not Call List.