5 Cent Marketing Leads

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New-10 Cent Aged Life Insurance Leads 30-180 Days Old

The Process:

Step 1: Place the order for the number of Aged Life Insurance leads you want to purchase. Minimum order is for 1,000 for $99.00

Step 2: Call 1-855-537-7477 to order your personal customized list based on , geography, age range.

Step 3: Install one of the free CRM Systems Provided along with the Leads or use your current CRM System

Step 4: Import the leads into the CRM System

Step 5: Market to the aged leads by contacting them as a service call to make sure they got the insurance coverage they were looking for. If not start the sales process. If they already purchased, then ask if they went through the retirement planning evaluation that was to be included with their purchase.  (plan to work them in batches of 25 to 50 at a time).

Note: How many sales do you have to make to get your $99 back?


Information provided with each lead

We can pull down a list of  Aged Life Leads 31 to 180 days old specifically for you in your area or any area of your choosing in the USA.