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Jumpstart Your IUL Insurance Marketing 

The IUL Video marketing System is all about

Building Relationships, one message at a time!

Introducing the IUL Video Marketing System

  1. The System includes links to 8 short IUL marketing videos designed to provide you with unique educational content you can share with prospects to help build relationships.  You can embed the links on a website or add them to an email or text message.

  2. The videos will all be personalized for you in the "Call to Action" with your telephone number and a link to your online calendar or website.
  3. To get your IUL marketing efforts jumpstarted, the System also includes 1,000 Aged Life Insurance Leads, that are between 31 and 180 days old, from an area of your choice.
  4. The leads have complete contact information including emails, and most importantly, cell phone numbers. 
  5. It System also includes a personalized Landing page embedded with the 2 question IUL Quoting system.  Sample Landing Page:  The system and the landing page is licensed for one year usage, the initial starting price is five hundred and ninety nine dollars and can be renewed at the end of the year at your option, for two hundred ninety nine dollars, which is one half the initial starting price.  Just one IUL sale can pay for the system many times over.
  6. At a minimum you will need to have an online calendar for prospects to set up appointments with you.
  7. The leads come in an Excel spreadsheet format but for better organizational purposes, you will need a CRM and along with the web calendar for the prospects to use, to make appointments with you. If you don't have a CRM,  access to a free CRM, that has a capacity to handle 250 prospects which a link to it is shown below. If you need more then 250, then you will need to upgrade for a monthly fee that is cancelable at any time. You can email from the CRM but if you want to text from it as well, you will need to upgrade to the marketing version.

Is Life Insurance an Investment

Maximizing IUL Benefits

Permanent Life Insurance is a Must

It's all about the Money



  • Google Calendar

  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar 

  • Apple Calendar 

  • Calendly

  • Zoho Calendar

  • Fantastical 

  • Acuity

The IUL Video Marketing System includes a one year usage license for:

  1. 8 personalized Videos with Agent's Telephone Number & links to a Website (i.e an Online Calendar). 
  2. A personalized Super Roth Landing page with the two question IUL Quoter.
  3. 1,000 Aged Life insurance leads, 31 to 180 days old, in an area of your choosing.
  4. An IUL Marketing White Paper. 
  5. One year of ongoing customer support.  

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